The artifact broke the sound barrier when it came to a rest in a wheat farm east of Sael County, many years ago in peacetime. The entire village was alight. For days on end, the newspapers reported enormous crowds of people, many from as far as Temptstead traveling to view the artifact, and the mayor tried to milk as much revenue as he could out of it.

And why shouldn’t he? It was the biggest entertainment they’d ever had; bigger than the moving picture films that the city folk up north past the rainforests would attend. However, these were the days when news traveled slowly, and many times did not travel far.  On it’s busiest evening, Sael (with a meager population of only twenty-four residents) only saw sixteen visitors.

A Student, observing the night sky, witnessed the artifact’s journey from the source; Andromeda. It rocketed down from the massive, uncharted surface of Andromeda, directly toward Europa, one of her many moons. Observers at the King’s Royal University watched the artifact come to rest outside Sael, and sent a search party to retrieve it. The journey would take four days. When they party reached Sael, they found the small town had been burned to the ground. The crowds who came to see the artifact had been murdered on the spot, and left where they lay, and glass seemed to form – as if dropped from the sky – on the sand in the town square.

The artifact was never recovered.